The Search for My Son

By Vivian Churness

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"A rare memoir in which there isn't a single false note."

John Wilson in
Christianity Today Dec 2014.



In the 1960's, Vivian Churness was sent by the Reformed Church in America to serve as a  missionary-nurse in India.

She later returned to Southern California where she taught nursing at USC. She is now a retired faculty member, active in the Emeriti Center.

Since 2007, she has served as a Consultant in Nursing Education to the Church of South India, and has co-authored or revised several textbooks for nurses there.

She and her husband Dave have four children and seven grandchildren.

[Portrait by Daniel Yu, Fotoby Studio, San Pedro, CA]

Contact: VivChurness@gmail.com


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Christianity Today review:

Wilson's Bookmarks Dec 2014

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What does a young wife and mother do when her husband and 3-year-old son suddenly disappear without a trace?

Vivian Churness writes a story that reads like a cross between a detective mystery and a testimony of personal spiritual formation. … It is the story of Vivian's search for her abducted son, and of how her life was changed during the years-long search.

It is all true.

I encourage you to get into the book, and walk through the life and challenges of this remarkable woman … someone who said 'No' to despair, and said 'Yes' to faith, hope, forgiveness and love.”

- Larry Christenson
Author and former Director,
Lutheran Renewal International


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