The Search for My Son

By Vivian Churness

"A rare memoir in which there isn't a single false note."

John Wilson in
Christianity Today Dec 2014.



Vivian Churness

[Portrait by Daniel Yu, Fotoby Studio, San Pedro, CA]

In the 1960's, Vivian Churness was sent by the Reformed Church in America to serve as a  missionary-nurse in India.

She later returned to Southern California where she taught nursing at USC. She is now a retired faculty member, active in the Emeriti Center.

Since 2007, under the direction of the Board of Education of the Christian Medical Association of India, she has co-authored a number of textbooks for nurses in India.


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Wilson's Bookmarks Dec 2014

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What does a young wife and mother do when her husband and 3-year-old son suddenly disappear without a trace?

Vivian Churness writes a story that reads like a cross between a detective mystery and a testimony of personal spiritual formation. … It is the story of Vivian's search for her abducted son, and of how her life was changed during the years-long search.

It is all true.

I encourage you to get into the book, and walk through the life and challenges of this remarkable woman … someone who said 'No' to despair, and said 'Yes' to faith, hope, forgiveness and love.”

- Larry Christenson
Author and former Director,
Lutheran Renewal International



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The following books authored or co-authored by Vivian Churness are available from the publisher:

Book Services, Arguchand Mansions, 1st floor, 152, Anna Salai, Chenna-600 002. India. E-mail: ecubkservice@gmail.com

Basic Psychology for Nurses in India (2nd revised edition) by Ann Zwemer with Vivian Churness. 2013.

Nursing Management Concepts and Skills (Including Ward Management) by Vivian Churness and Leah Macaden. 2012.

Professional Adjustments and Ethics for Nurses in India (7th revised edition) by Ann Zwemer with Vivian Churness. 2010.

Midwifery for Nurses in India by Vivian Churness and Lisa R. Roberts (Editors) Contributors: Ebenezer Ellen Benjamin, Vivian Churness, Rebecca Dice, Courtney Farr, Brenda Joyce Freeman, Johanna Gurubatham, Pryadarshini Johnson, Jan M. Nick, Lisa R. Roberts, Joyce Paneer Selvum, Alice Sony, M. Nirmala,Thirumavalvalan, and LathaVenkatesan. 2018.

Psychology for Nurses in India by Vivian Churness and Asha Noble. 2019.

Sociology for Nurses in India by Vivian Churness and Linda Howat. 2019.

Missing: The Search for my Son by Vivian Churness. 2013, 2014.